The Marathons

So after much deliberation, here is the latest schedule of marathons…

January 27th – Phoenix Excalibur Marathon, Essex – not ideal as there is little to choose from in January, but 8 laps of a course up and down a riverside course.  Not training to be a PB, but hope we can finish this first one OK, and use as training for faster marathons to come.
COMPLETED IN 4:55:23 – muddier than expected!

February 15th – Martelo Marathon, Folkestone.  A fast flat 3 lapper along coasts / paths on the Kent coast.  Could be fast, but I think the wind could be a key factor.
COMPLETED IN 3:58:56 – nice to have some IW Road Runners for company, and very nice to duck under 4 hours again, was not sure if that would be possible this year 🙂

March 9th – Excalibur Three, Track Wars, Surrey.  I did want some different types of events.  I’m not sure 105 laps of a running track is the best idea to add this variety, but hey, will be an experience!
COMPLETED IN 3:56:07 – A PB!!  Was a track marathon hard – Yes, mentally very tough.

Apr 28th – London Marathon.  This is the centre piece of this years efforts.  I ran London last year and loved it.  Hopefully this year it won’t be quite so hot!
COMPLETED IN 3:59:20 – Mission accomplished, what an amazing day running for NSPCC.

May 5th – Southampton Marathon.  Had mixed reports in this 2 lap course.  Probably not targeting anything too fast for this one as it is only 7 days after London, so focus will be on finishing safely.
COMPLETED IN 4:11:44 – Tough a week after London, but job done!

June 9th – Yeovil Marathon.  After 2 big city marathons on the bounce, this will make a nice change, on a more undulating rural course.
COMPLETED IN 4:11:40 – Only 4 seconds different to Southampton!  Not my favourite course.

July 21st – Space Race GOLD.  Back with Phoenix Running, to run 26.2 miles worth of Thames paths.
Only completed 20 miles, so it is a DNF!

Aug 18th – Two Tunnels Bath Marathon.  Another picturesque course, with the added interest of some running through tunnels to break things up.
Not taking part in this one now, need to get this knee fixed!

Sep 8th – New Forest Marathon.  A late addition to the list, as knee was feeling better and a place came up..
COMPLETED 7th marathon this year in 4:22:33, back in the game!

September 22nd – Running Grand Prix at Goodwood Motor Circuit.  Having got round New Forest post injury, can hopefully shave a few minutes off that time.
COMPLETED in 4:12:30, 8 down.  Knee held up, everything else was screaming!

October 6th – Isle of Wight Marathon.  My local marathon.  Not the easiest by any stretch of the imagination.  Will be nice to run this one again and should be able to take a chunk off my previous efforts.
COMPLETED in 4:11:50, how on earth did I do that quicker than Goodwood?!

October 27th – Running Grand Prix at Bedford.  Another motor circuit could provide one last opportunity for a quick one, so one last crack at a sub 4.
COMPLETED in 3:52:17 – a new PB.  Probably a lifetime PB, can’t see me getting back here before I’m too old!

November  10th – Remembrance Day Marathon.  Another Phoenix run, this one is billed as a run built around a 2 minutes silence, with a 1kg medal for good measure.
COMPLETED in 4:10:08.  A muddy one, but a great run with friends.

December 22nd – Portsmouth Coastal Marathon.  This race has always mystified me.  From what I know of the area, this should be an easy one, nice and flat.  Everybody that has run it says its anything but easy.  Another local one to finish the year.
COMPLETED in 4:36:21.  Ran this with my step brother to round off the challenge.  It was hard, muddy and grueling!